International antiracist / antifascist camp – Greece, July 26 – August 4

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by Camping YRE

Antinazi Zone / Youth Against Racism in Europe (YRE) – Greece is organising its annual international antiracist/antifascist Camp in southern Peloponnese, between July 26 and August 4 included.

Antinazi Zone / YRE is one of the most active antiracist/antifascist organisations in Greece, fighting against the rise of the far right, defending refugee’s and immigrant’s rights and playing a central role in the Antifascist Coordination (made up of many different collectives) that was and still is key to the fight against Golden Dawn in Greece and other neonazi organisations.

YRE’s camps are the longest running anti-racist / anti-fascist camp in Greece, organized every year usually in a different place.

This year it is the 31st camp. It is taking place at Camping Dias, situated on one of the most beautiful beaches of south Peloponnese, on the outskirts of the city of Gythio.


In a period characterized by the rise of the extreme right and neo-Nazis internationally, the Antinazi Zone / YRE camp gives the opportunity to exchange opinions and plan actions for the next period in a climate of camaraderie and solidarity, combining discussions with having a good and relaxing time, live music, film projections, sports, games, one day trips, etc.

Food and drinks are provided on an all-day basis at low prices from the self-managed bar / tavern.

There will be organized travel to the camp with coaches from the cities of Athens, Thessaloniki and Volos. The total costs, including travel to the camp and back and 9 days’ of accommodation (with your own tent) are as follows:

  • From Athens – € 130
  • From Thessaloniki and Volos – € 160
  • If you travel individually, the cost is € 11 per night – including free parking for cars and motor bikes.
  • Children up to 5 have free stay.  Until 12 they have 50% reduction.

Participation to all events organized in the camp is free (and of course voluntary).

For international comrades that cannot carry a tent with them, we can arrange to rent one.


This year’s program includes:

  • Discussions and book presentations

Indicatively, the topics of this year’s discussions will include

  • the new agenda and the rise of the far right and neo-Nazis,
  • gender-based violence and femicides,
  • issues around education (such as the logic of repression from the primary school with the alibi of intra-school violence),
  • the intensity of attacks against LGBT people and the defense of their rights,
  • environmental threats and struggles,
  • the history of labor movements, etc. (the full program will be announced as we get close to the event)
  • Live music, karaoke, beach parties
  • Movie screenings
  • Beach volleyball tournament, sand soccer, etc
  • Excursions

The camp covers the needs of all generations and there is special attention to those of children. There will be a children’s movie every night. Children can also participate, if they so choose, to the “children’s council” as well as in children’s activities such as collective cooking, games, etc.

Get in touch through,

fb: Camping YRE

instagram: camping.yre

Contact phone number 0030-6944421153


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